Introducing JewelryMod

JewelryMod for MC 1.12.2   Craft yourself some expensive chains and decorate your house with stacks of money! This is my new mod JewelryMod. It doesn’t have many features but in the future I will be adding more chains with more effects, a machine you use to create the diamonds you need, and more. Download …

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Today’s Stream!!

Hey guy’s, Hexiam here. I will be going live at: today at 4 PM CDT. Come stop by and have a chat… I might have a cool thing or two to show you.

World of Dragons – 10.1.86 – The U Conundrum – FIXED!

Image Src and License Donate to my projects at No more crashing when pressing ‘u’!!! Type some stuff here, just go for it, blog your heart out! Join me on Discord Universal Added ::> ::> Updated ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::>

8 Hour live stream Saturday!

  Hey guys, Hexiam again. I will be having an eight hour live stream over at: Saturday. Feel free to come stop  by and see if I can finally be able to tame a dragon! However if you can’t make it I stream every weekday from 5pm to 9pm CDT. See you then!

World of Dragons – LITE – 10.0.82 – Over 70 Dragon Fixes!

Donate to my projects at Big Changes to Ice and Fire! Lots of Fixes! Added a memory checker mod. New dragon flight cycle animation Dragons now have natural armor up to 20 armor points for stage 5 dragons Dragon armor now adds armor points to the dragon Hippogryph and hippocampus armor adds armor points to …

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World of Dragons 10.0.85 – Loads of Dragon Fixes

Donate to my projects at What got fixed? Much thanks to alex1the1666 the author of Ice and Fire for the following: Added Added configs for death worms to attack monsters and for stymphalian birds to attack livestock Added configs for how far away from spawn dangerous world gen(sirens, dragons, cyclops, etc) can generate Added configs to make …

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World of Dragons – 9.5.84 – A Challenging Update

Donate to my projects at The Challenge Forge updated to build 2739. Players have been asking for more of a challenge. The multiplayer servers have been tuned to Difficulty 3 as a result. Added some new mobs with Mob Mash that will actually help with the lag because they go after your farms. So if …

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World of Dragons Stream

Hello every my name is Hexiam. I will be streaming World of Dragons on my Twitch channel daily at: Feel free to stop by the stream and give tips of what I should build or work towards. If you have any questions about my schedule please refer to my twitch channel.  I would also like …

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Hell Block 1.0.1 – The Christening

Donate to my projects at Skyblock based on Hell on Earth This is a Minecraft modpack where you are spawned on an island over lava world far below. You will be battling the elements as you quickly build out your island base in sky to protect you from tornadoes and volcanos erupting from below! How …

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World of Dragons 9.4.83

Donate to my projects at Moved the EU server And updated some stuff and Forge is now on 2732. Adjusted the lingering loot mod to aggressively remove junk people are too lazy to pick up. Join me on Discord Universal Updated ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::>  

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