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Lava Dynamics 1.12.2-2.0.7 Full

Lava Dynamics full release in beta was released yesterday May 11th, 2018. It features: Full configs for all the volcano and lava rules Volcanos Maga Vents Volcanic walls that contain ore and rock Lava that smelts blocks in the world In-world smelted items eject in to the world at random speeds Random explosions Spreading lava …

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Light Level Overlay Reborn

A continuation of the MIT Licensed Light Level Overlay Reloaded mod by oldjunyi.   This mod is client side.      The default shortcut key to turn on/off light level overlay is F4. You can change it in “Options -> Controls”. You can use Shift + F4 to toggle sky light calculation. Ctrl + F4 to toggle overlay display mode. Enjoy it!   About …

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Mod: More Beautiful Buttons for 1.12

Over 200 buttons for pressing pleasure! Some buttons sound like sand, others like glass, some like wood, and yet others sound wet! Can you craft them all! Crafting Combine any block with a button press and get your very own button version of that block. A button press is made with 8 sticks in a …

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A note on CurseForge Client Mod Packs – I was way off base!

The CurseForge process for getting approved involves having your mod pack being checked against an archaic spreadsheet from the 1.7.10 days, a spreadsheet that is almost 2 years old. On top of that, the spreadsheet only lists mods that are MIT/GPL with no further stipulations, this is to allow mod pack developers the chance to …

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Jesus Christ! Technic Solder is more difficult than ever!

I messed up my Technic Solder server or so I thought. What really happened is that exceeded memory allotment on one of the tables. The right solution under the burdened Solder app would have been to recreate the mod pack and import a fresh branch in to the Technic Platform. Probably an even better solution …

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Extreme 1.8.9 Mega Pack with Forge Server (b1764) v2.2.0

I’ve added Extra Utilities, so my mod Kreezxil’s Compressed Blocks was no longer needed. I’ve added quite a few other mods too. There is now a coal to carbon to diamonds route thanks to LimpLungs. And you can make the Nether livable thanks to Nether Core by RenEvo. Lot’s to do, see and discover! Look …

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The Problem with Licenses

I’ve shortened the processes by which I build and support my modpacks. You know this because of how fast the new versions come out and how fast fixes are applied. Something no other Modpack maintainer that I am aware of can boast. What you might have noticed is that certain mods seldom enter my mod …

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4.4.0 Extreme 1.8 Mega Mod Pack for Minecraft Forge

Status Forge has updated to build 1565 with a minor improvement and so have we. Tried Building Bricks and despite my best efforts I thought I had failed the bug-testing phase on it and then ‘Wham!’ it happened again, thankfully this time a crash report was generated. Thanks to Thaumcraft being officially 1.8 the addon mods for it …

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4.2.5 Extreme 1.8 Mega Mod Pack

Status So, yeah, I’m gonna get back on my schedule of releasing an update at least once every 1 to 2 (one to two) weeks just to keep the enormity of the updates down. The biggest reason for this update is Malisis Doors & Blocks which has been available for 1.8 for a few weeks now. Forge has …

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4.1.5 Extreme 1.8 Mega Mod Pack

Status Just a few mods updated in this release. It is more of an emergency release than anything else due to at least one mod having critical server ending bugs being fixed. Basic crafting tables (workbenches) just got an upgrade thanks to RealBench which allows them to remember their contents, share recipe on grid with …

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