Auto Swiper ahk script for SquidInk (Squid Ink)

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Squid Ink

If you’re like me you just discovered this gem of an idle game at Kongregate at However, it seems that it doesn’t support autoclicking! Grrrrr!

What is an idler to do!

Swipe Solution

Using auto hot key for Windows at you can have a script that swipes the mouse back and forth at sufficient speed so as to milk those squids and all you have to do is move your mouse to track the squid not incur elbow damage the process.

Insert the following into an ahk script, load it up, and use CTRL+ALT+S to activate and deactivate it.

  1. autoSwiperInterval := 0.01
  2. ^!s::autoSwiper()
  3. autoSwiper() {
  4.       static Swiper
  6.       Swiper := !Swiper
  8.       leftRight := Swiper ? autoSwiperDistance : "off"
  10.       SetTimer, swipeit1, %leftRight%
  12.       return
  14.       swipeit1:
  16.        mousemove, 200, 0, 2, R
  17.        mousemove, -200, 0, 2, R
  19.       return
  20. }
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