World of Dragons 10.7.92

Donate to my projects at New News Forge updated to build 2747 Changed some configs for FTB Utilities, MetaMorph, and Dynamic Trees. If you are running a private server, make sure to copy those over. Removed some old configs. Disabled the Network Controller recipe for Simple Storage Network as it allows a Dupe for the Tome …

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World of Dragons 10.6.91

Donate to my projects at News Today’s update should resolve the issues associated with the command /rtp and /warp that were crashing the server. It should also resolve the issue where /tpa wasn’t working. Join me on Discord Universal Updated ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::>    

RailsPlus 1.1.0 – Blast Furnace!

RailsPlus 1.1.0 is out now! This new update adds the Blast Furnace multiblock! This furnace burns faster the hotter it is and can double ores! You can also tweak its settings in the new config file. The Blast Furnace is used to make Coke and Steel by smelting Coal and Iron respectively. You can see …

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Hell Block 1.2.3

Donate to my projects at New News Forge now build 2745 Update the mods. Join me on Discord Universal Updated ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::> ::>    

Hell On Earth 4.0.16

Donate to my projects at News Forge on build 2745 JurassicCraft fixed their issues, so those dinos are back now. And finally if I ever have to I can roll back to this version. As if life wasn’t hell enough already, you can now manage a colony and interact with Tribal Humans. You might want …

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World of Dragons 10.4.89

Donate to my projects at Crazy Weekend! Took out Lingering Loot as it was killing Botania progression, but then server heap ran out because a bunch of you on the server have massive item farms. So put it back and the heap is manageable again. I set it to despawn at higher value like 45 …

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World of Dragons – 10.3.88 – Emergency Update – NetherEx rollback.

Thanks to shikuchi who crashed the server 5 times or more trying to do something mundane. Rolled NetherEx back to 1.12.2-1.4.5

World of Dragons 10.2.87

Donate to my projects at You wanted it harder! Ok, so last time I added some new mobs via some new mods, tuned the servers to difficulty 3 and then I play tested it. Peaceful AF is all I got to say. The reason is because of Metamorph. While morphed mobs ignore you. So this …

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Allow me to Introduce myself!

I am a 31 year old Australian streamer over on! I stream video games and digital art while providing commentary and critique on video game design, the video games industry and video games in general! Some of the games I’ve streamed include Don’t Starve and Hollow Knight. Currently, I am streaming Modded Minecraft (featuring …

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Net Neutrality – The Rebel Alliance still has a Chance!

Americans of the United States! We still have a chance to stop the wanton corruption of the network companies. Take Action Now by reading the excerpt below that I shamelessly ripped from Does your rep support net neutrality? The FCC officially gutted the open internet, allowing your cable company to scam you for more money, …

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