More Mods added!

Mods Added: Portal Gates 2 – Teleport with a single click to many portal gates placed all over the worlds (overworld, nether, ender, and many others …) by a right-click activation from the Portal Amulet. SGS Metals –  This mod to introduces three metals, Steel, Titanium, and Autium, to help bridge the gap between Iron and …

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A couple of updates plus one new mod!

Updates: VoxelMap Glass Shards Additions: Brewing Plus – adds an improved brewing system brewing system via a special cauldron. Go get the updated pack and install it!

Forge 1290 and …

LexManos and crew are really pushing hard on this Forge 1.8 updates as it is now b1290 and that means you need to update your MultiMC clients to at least have Forge b1290! Mods Updated: Parachute Mod Voxel Map (litemod) Plant Mega Pack Mods Added: Galactic Colored Blocks – Utilize a wide array of over 600 …

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Forge Updated to 1289! BIG Update, new MODS too!

New Forge updated: Build 1289: Parker Young: Re-enabled Icon setting for Fluids Build 1.8- jadran.kotnik: Fixed NPE when canceling ClientChatRecievedEvent. Fixes #1644 Mods Updated: More Materials – adds more materials to the game! Multi-Mine – allows resumable mining and chopping. Mods Added: Better Horse Hud –  changes the minecraft heads up display when on a horse …

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Exchange Orb

Do not use it in a workbench bag for now! It will vanish! Instead use it in a normal crafting table so that it will be returned to you! I have only tested this with the 1.8 version of the mod.

Multimine issues!

Issues with Multimine and the new Forge build that causes client crashes! So, disabled for now. I have reported the bug to AtomicStryker, hopefully he fixes it. So, yeah, update your client again! Oh! And the client is EXTREMELY stable now!

Forge b1287 might fix some of our client issues!

Changelog: Build 1287: LexManos: Silently eat exceptions when getting a TE’s rendering bounding box, this ‘fixes’ Bukkit servers screwing up world data and causing clients to crash.  The vast majority of the client side crashes have involved rendering bounding boxes and we’re not even a Bukkit server! Updated: Reptile Mod – adds all kinds of …

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KreezCast Client Updates!

Well, I had my good friend Blooddiamond92 help me test whether the instructions for installing our Modpack was clear enough, and well, he said “You made this stupid-proof!”, not my words! And I am happy for that too! That said, I’ve been working diligently to solve a client-side problem with staying connected to the server …

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Client Side Issues

I’m working on them as the server is very stable. Mods Removed: KOI – because it was spawning fish out of water on land and therefore creating tons of free fish, but really, it’s not working so I got rid of it. Liteloader Voxelmap – mainly I got rid of voxelmap in favor xaero’s minimap, …

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Forge Updated to b1285 and NEI for 1.8!!!

Great News!!! Not Enough Items (NEI) for 1.8 is here!!! Mods Added: ChickenBonesCore – Library needed for all ChickenBones’ mods. Not Enough Items (NEI) – A mod by ChickenBones that provides easy to find recipes for all in-game items that have recipes among other things! More Materials – This mod is a simple mod to add …

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