Forge Updated to b1285 and NEI for 1.8!!!

Great News!!! Not Enough Items (NEI) for 1.8 is here!!! Mods Added: ChickenBonesCore – Library needed for all ChickenBones’ mods. Not Enough Items (NEI) – A mod by ChickenBones that provides easy to find recipes for all in-game items that have recipes among other things! More Materials – This mod is a simple mod to add …

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Forge Updated to b1281!

Mods Added: Dynamic Sword Skills – … By default, each player will begin with a single Basic Sword skill orb; more orbs can be acquired by looting chests or by defeating mobs and even other players. Weapons with Looting give a much higher chance of an orb drop, and various settings can be configured in the …

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Pack Updated!

Added: Exchange Orb – you craft an orb than is then used to convert resource types to other types. Not Enough Keys – allows the use ctrl, shift, alt keys with regular keys when reassigning hot keys in the game. Now you can have ‘x’ for everything with combos like ‘ctrl+x’, ‘shift+x’, ‘alt-x’, ‘shift+alt+x’, etc …

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Forge 1280 is here as well as an update!

Please update your packs! New or updated stuff follows! Updated Forge to build 1280 Added Special Attacks – The mod makes it possible for you to charge your weapons and perform their special attacks. Charged weapons also have higher durability.

New Mods! Please update your packs!

All Welcome ProfMobius to the world of 1.8 with his update his mod WAILA to 1.8!  

Forge Build 1274!

Well, forge 1274 (forge-1.8- is out and that means you have to update to that version in your MultiMC and that’s it!  

Todays Changes

Updated Aroma1997Core Essence of the Gods Make sure you install the latest pack from! Need help see our Client Setup information.

Video Walkthru on Installing our Modpack

Major Updates and Snafus!

First the Snafu! Apparently the only one affected by the Snafu is me! That’s the good news. I say that because no one really reads this blog. Maybe that’s bad news! However, I have been wanting to change it for some time so the fact that I failed to download my archive backups of the …

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