World of Dragons 7.3.59 & Technic

Technic Thievery!!!

Not only is the Technic Launcher absolute garbage compared to awesome Launchers like the TwitchApp, but the Technic platform supports thievery and doesn’t acknowledge take down requests.

I’ve attempted to make a version of the pack to go on the Technic Launcher using Technic Solder but something went horribly wrong. I’ll make another attempt in a few days. For now it exists to cause players to come to the Discord and ask why it isn’t working so we can tell them to get it from TwitchApp. TwitchApp is best because then you don’t have to donate, because your download of a mod or modpack there actually earns the developer money. It’s a low amount per download tho, so donations are awesome because they help acquire things like really powerful dedicated servers.

Further once I do establish a work Technic Solder install with Technic, a new 3rd server will show up meant for use with the Technic branch of the pack. The Technic branch will be slow in that I do not intend to update it with the voracity that I update the Twitch based pack. This will further drive Technic players insane, they’ll join the Discord and we’ll tell them to get the Twitch App.

Forge now on build 2655.


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