World of Dragons 8.0.68

Noteable Thoughts

Added Custom NPCs and BetterQuesting NPC Integration.

Began working on a world that will be distributed with the pack that starts you in a city with lots of NPCs that you can interact with like you do in any good RPG. If you would like to part of a team of Staff level players that will creatively build this world, please join my Discord and ask to be part of the @World Builders role.

This pack features a new world entry in Multiplayer that is for the World Builders. Again you must be a member of the World Builders role to access it. All players on the World Builders server will have creative powers. The world size is also drastically limited. We are building a start world that will be distributed with the server and the client packs.

This new world will become available on build 8.1.69.

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