World of Dragons 8.8.77 – CraftTweaker to the Rescue?

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Smelting Bug

Occasionally vanilla ore becomes 64 ingots in a furnace. We have determined it’s a forge or vanilla bug. But as you break the pack down it becomes more rare so it is extremely hard to track and thus extremely hard to make a proper reproducible bug report.

So, it was suggested we try CraftTweaker. That is now being added back. It was originally removed because it was knocking players out of the pack. Now we have no choice. Players who get knocked out will have to play the Lite version of this pack.

So I removed all the vanilla ore smelting recipes and then added them back. That should in theory solve the strange issue with vanilla ores.

Forge now on build 2726.

Added Foamfix in hopes that it will improve the game playing experience.

Since we will be using CraftTweaker now, I’ve added External Tweaker to the client to allow easier manipulation of the Zenscript.

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