World of Dragons 1.8.0 – Some Environmental Tweaks

Based on the world generation configuration, I decided that Erosion 2 would be an excellent fit. Charcoal Pit was also added because it is a more realistic way to get charcoal and provides ash which when combined with dirt gives a great fertilizer. Also added Simple Harvest so you can right click harvest and replant in one action.





World of Dragons 1.7.0 – More Stuff

A few more things to add to flesh this out.




  • Pengu’s Block Protector as it wasn’t the mod of which I was thinking it was.





World of Dragons 1.6.0 – It’s the little things!

License: CC BY 2.0 – per –

Added some things that were left out during the rush to make a small but powerful mod pack.

Look at the added section to see what I felt was missing.





  • DungeonDQ because we now have Recurrent complex which adds more than dungeons, it adds abandoned structures in varying degrees of decay.




World of Dragons 1.5.0 – Adding some missing mods.

I think that I am spoiled on some mods. Decided to add Ore Excavation and Fast Leaf Decay.

Add Level Up! to help with your sense of purpose.

Since this is a Fantasy, Tech, and Magic pack decided to give you Blocklings that you can tame with flowers to help you do things.





World of Dragons 1.4.0 – Dungeonized Edition

Decided to add DungeonDQ to this plus Everlasting Abilities.

Forge updated to build 2345.






World of Dragons 1.3.0



Initial Commit.

Since this pack will be hell when you see the amount of mobs you’ll have to battle frequently, I have added My Bukkit Commands to allow you to get /back to your death or some spot you were at lat, /home for 5 named locations, /sethome to set those locations, and /spawn to get back to the world spawn where you were in the starting zone.

Note: Server Owners please use /setspawn on a block one higher than the one you want the player to spawn to, else /spawn will put them in a wall everytime.

Added WorldEdit and WorldEditCUI to help facilitate building up the starting zones.







Sky Colony 2.2.0 – Dietary Release – World Wipe Edition


Forge updated to build 2315.

Minecolonies now on build 2797. The deliveryman is fixed in regards to everyone but the farmer. When it comes to the farmer and the farmer requests an axe, the delivery man will deliver that axe and then immediately steal it away. Therefore you will have to give the axe to the farmer yourself. I’ve been assured that this will be fixed in the next version of this mod.

Added Keyboard Wizard to help with key conflicts. Press F7 to get to it while in the game.

We had the most downloads when the pack was near the 2GB recommended limit. So it’s on a diet. I’ve got stop making packs that only people with lots of money for their rigs can play. These people don’t pay the bills, in fact nobody pays the bills. To date I’ve gotten nothing except for a small trickle from the advertisements. The advertisements average about $5/month in total. That pays for one of the servers that everyone uses for free. Donations so far, is a big fat zero. Downloads of all the packs say otherwise. I’m making stuff here and people are playing it. I don’t know why I don’t rate higher than a hamburger. I’ve got my passion, I’ll talk about this issue every so often, but I’m not gonna harp on it.

Removed Deep Resonance, RFTools Control, and ElecCore. Like where are you gonna get deep in a sky world anyways?

Removed OpenComputers, Actually Additions and ActuallyComputers. Let’s face it, OpenComputers is one of the more difficult to get going computer mods. I’m replacing it with Computality. The ComputerCraft open-sourced branch.

Removed M.E.T.A. the weird way of generating power.

Removed Missing Pieces as no one that I have played with where I have installed has used it.

Removed Modular Routers, we don’t need it, we have other ways to manage inventory and are using.

Removed LittleTiles as no one has used it.

Removed Bibliocraft and MrCrayfish Furniture as they are both technically bloat ware for a pack that is meant to be small.

Removed ET Lunar, Environmental Tech, ValkyrieLib, basically another mod that doesn’t get used really.

Removed Extra Utils, this mod was da bomb back in the day! Now it’s crazy, bat shit crazy.

Removed Furnus and limelib, I gave you Tinker’s Construct, you can do way more with that.

Removed Gendustry. Need I say more?

Removed Auto Sapling because it makes trees grow on trees and this confuses the lumberjack from Minecolonies.

Removed Color Utility, it looks cool but the colors don’t transfer to the signs!

Removed Cooking for Blockheads and Pam’s Harvestcraft, two great big mods that add lots of bloat and hard to get things for in this type of pack.

Removed EZstorage 2, added Simple Storage Network as it is better inventory manager and autocrafter until you are ready for Refined Storage.

Removed Concrete Mod as it is more bloat-ware.

Removed Integrated Tunnels, Integrated Dynamics because seriously that tree?

Removed Light Level Overlay Reload because I am now giving you Dynamic Surroundings! Look at your cute little footprints you are leaving everywhere! And the sounds, lots of sounds, fireflies too! Plus light level numbers on the ground, see told ya!

Removed Real Filing Cabinet, inventory management, how much of it do we need?

Removed Platforms, it was great idea, but it is kind of confusing to get going, or cumbersome, or both!

Removed RFlux, you will have a ton of torches up before you are able to craft and power this thing.

You don’t really need Storage Boats in a sky pack, but I bet you can find a use for TerraCart!

Tweaked Giacomo’s Foundry to belch lava when it is constipated. So if you want lava, don’t empty it!

Cleared out unused configs.

Got rid of the Weirding Gadget because seriously nobody wants you chunkloading on their server. has idle games if that’s what you like.

No more Thermal Solars, you won’t find half the materials anyways.

Removed VendingBlock, these are server-centric of the massive playable kind.

Removed Bloodmagic and GuideAPI because see all my reasons for bloat-ware.

Removed Blackhole Storage and Hammer Core for the same bloat-ware reasons; I am however leaving you with Ender Rift because I want to know if it works.

Removed Craftable Elytra. Go fight the dragon you lazy bums!

Removed Neotech and its library. You have a miner in your colony that can do the same thing and Computality turtles.

Removed Omega Craft Mod  and TSON Craft because bloat-ware.

Removed Reliquary. Pick a reason and run with it.

Added the falling recipes, overriding existing recipes from other mods as needed.

9 minecraft charcoal give 1 forestry charcoal block
forestry charcoal block to 9 minecraf charcoal
2 shaped oak wood log to 1 oak sapling
bonemeal plus oak sapling shapeless gives birch sapling
2 birch sapling plus 1 red dye shaped gives 1 acacia sapling
2 birch sapling plus 1 orange dye gives 1 jungle sapling
3 ink sac plus 6 oak sapling shaped gives 1 dark oak sapling
2 oak sapling plus 1 ink sac shaped gives 1 spruce sapling
1 oak sapling shapeless gives 1 tech reborn rubber sapling









Colonial Exploration 1.6.0

Minecolonies released a path where the dman actually delivers now. He still steals from the farmer, but we can live with that. That fix will be out next time Minecolonies updates.





Colonial Expansion 4.5.0 – Dman breaking the strike!

I thought I was done with this. But Minecolonies team pushed out some updates that made this release possible. The delivery man is now fixed!

I increased the builder’s speed, he was previously set to wait 50 ticks between placing blocks, I changed this to 10. I thought his speed was to get better as he advanced, but I never noticed. I also sped the miner up in the same way.





Gog Tech 2.1.0



It’s been awhile since I updated this and there are quite a few updates. I highly suggest a world wipe if you install this due to the sheer number of updates and the likelihood that you have been experiencing problems anyhow. If you haven’t been experiencing problems then don’t wipe.

Forge now on build 2315.

Added Keyboard Wizard to help solve the key conflicts. If you are already playing and want my new key configuration use /defaultoptions overwriteconfigs.

Added Architech so that you have more than just wands as a way to build want you want. This mod is great for complex patterns during the building process.

Added Simple Storage Network as it is superior to EZstorage. That means you now have 3 mass inventory management mods in this pack. I removed EZstorage, see below.

Added the Immersive Engeering mods, like buildcraft you will be primarily using them in the other dimensions to which you will be traveling.

Removed Glare Torch because what was I thinking, duh, Torchmaster!!!

And finally, no, there is no point to this pack other than building a ton of stuff in the void!

In 1.12 when I revisit the mod with a new configuration, a whole lot less mods because of what the mod authors are being forced to do with recipe registries, I’ll implement the “Advancements” with rewards. I’m hoping the Mojang way will be the simplest way.

Yeah, you will have to wipe if you were using this, removing mods to clean up the console log. 

Completely reset all of the configuration files. This will cause issues, if you’ve been playing this pack you will need to world wipe.

Removed the entire Tinkers’ suite of mods, due to slime islands giving some players an unfair advantage.

Removed the entire Integrated suite of mods, those trees and you’ll be using something else for sooner so it’s wasted no matter what.

Dumped Extra Utilities because we don’t need it, there are other mods that provide similar functions in the pack and this way we don’t have to deal with the goof GP power system.

Said adios to Nuclear Craft due to it being mostly unfinished and confusing as to how to get stuff going. Seriously, you should be able to use JEI to pull the recipe sequences, I installed NEI because you said your mod works with it or you recommended it. Then you tell me I have to watch a video. I should only have to watch a video for the hard stuff not the easy stuff. 

We didn’t use More Furnaces that last time around, so I removed it.

Extricated Simple Generators. Yes, we used them, but honestly the Advanced Generators were easier to make than the mod lets on.

Got rid of Industrial Craft due to Tech Reborn being just as good, and would rather trust a mod team that’s been in 1.8+ as long as the Reborn team has thus far.

Removed EZstorage because Simple Storage Network is far better.

Go rid of Lightningcraft, and OpenComputers because the pack is on a diet!

Removed the mods beginning with the word World, because we won’t be having problems, as this will be a maintenance pack from now on.

Added My Bukkit Commands because commands like /back, /home, /sethome, and /home are awesome to have, especially when you start entering the cavern dimensions!

Eliminated Environmental Tech which means the logo is changing!

Don’t need MrCrayfish Furniture if using Bibliocraft.

Got rid of the stupid addition of Personal Cars, I mean really.

We don’t need Growable Storage Cells either, you’ll be able to craft them quite easily once you have the cobble and stone gens up and running, and the turtles can tear through them easily. Your a smart person you can figure it out.

We’re not going to be eating any Edible Bugs this time around.

Cyberware was not what I had hoped it would be, so bye.

Cooking for Blockheads basically adds strange kitchen style furniture, we didn’t find it very useful in the last edition, so meh. Gone.

Buildcraft wasn’t all that useful either, by the time we created our first dimensional portal we were swimming in resources. So no need to make a quarry.

We’re not going to be building Big Batteries are we? You can’t now.

You’re going to have to find another way to double your ores, got rid of Furnus mod.

Removed Not Enough Items because we got rid of Nuclearcraft which said it was required but it didn’t help show any recipes. Plus it adds bloat on top of JEI which works just fine.

Added Equal Dragons so everyone on server can get their own pet dragon egg.

Light Level Overlay Reloaded has been exchanged for Dynamic Surroundings which does a whole lot more. You’ll love it!

Oh shit you say, well make a cobble gen and put a redstone signal to where the cobble forms, that will solve your problems. If you better return, do the same but with a stone gen. This does not work on gens where the cobble or stone are formed inside of a machine.