A new way to Donate

and it doesn’t cost you a dime!

Install the Brave Browser from  https://brave.com and then join the Rewards program. Then goto https://kreezcraft.com and click the BAT icon and tip my site with all 30 BAT for the month. And because you like my work so much, check off the box where it is a recurring payment.

Because you are only given 30 BAT to start, you will have to do this 3 times. Then continue to use the Brave Browser for all of your web needs. In the event that the Brave Browser falls short of your needs I encourage you to use a VPN such as https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ to further protect your online presence while using the other inferior browsers. Every Browser except the Brave Browser is inferior.

To recap, by giving me 30 BAT each month, you are in effect giving me $3.60 at current valuation. However it is not money you had to earn, it is someone else’s money that they have given you to grow their platform and application and I see it as a way to get me out of a jam. The jam where I’ve loaded you down with ads. I’ve tried to minimize this, however, the Brave Browser allows me to minimize it further and additionally allows me to remonetize my Youtube and Twitch channels.

And yes, it is possible for you to earn BAT by using the Brave Browser, you can read all about that at https://brave.com/faq/#brave-payments. So, let me clarify that one for you as it is a little confusing. By using the Brave Browser, that is how you earn BAT which is automatically put into your Wallet at the end of each month. This encourages you to use the Brave Browser as much as possible and get involved in the community with bug reports and feature requests. The BAT you earn plus the free 30 BAT they give you is used to tip and reward content creators.

Also you can buy BAT from any of the COIN exchanges and put it in your Brave Wallet to use however you desire. 

PS or BTW if you feel I’ve erred in this post, please leave a comment explaining how and why and I’ll correct the post.

— Kreezxil, looking forward to your BAT.

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