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What is Kreezcraft?

It’s purpose is to showcase the mods that are included in the modpacks created by me, Kreezxil, such as the ever popular Binary 6 Squared Mega Pack and now Binary 6 Squared Sky Challenge. Kreezcraft is also the home to Kreezxil’s own modding endeavors such as Kreezxil’s Compressed Blocks. It is also home to servers that counterpart to modpacks. These servers allow you to run your own private instance without having to deal with such things as world wipes and server crashes that may occur on a development system such as mine.

Mega Mod Packs

In the 1.10.2 Modded Minecraft community there are very few publicly available mod packs and servers. Since the advent of the 1.8 branch I have worked hard to produce a mega pack and sky pack for each Forge tier. I have succeeded. All of my Mod Packs have become renown in the Minecraft Mod Pack community. This success is due largely in part to due to what I called the ultra-library mods to refuse to update from 1.7.10 to 1.8 and later branches or tiers of Forge. By doing so they have created a huge change in the types of mods that are available to modded server owners, modded players and the like.

My modpacks now exist for every branch of Forge from 1.8 up and to the current 1.10.2. Please have a look under the menu above where it says “Minecraft” and under that “Kreezxil’s Packs” and further under that the Forge versions I am now supporting.

Which Packs are Retired?

Any of my packs prior to the 1.10.2 branch of Forge are essentially retired, to get more updates on them, please give more than $5 month at Support Us. Bug reports filed will result in the wrong mods in those packs to be updated not the entire pack.

2015-06-14_18History as I see it

Back during the 1.4.7 and 1.5.2 days, there existed a mod called Project Red. A lot of mods were dependent on it as well as mod packs. Then a new mod showed up called Thermal Expansion that at first was based on Project Red. But then Project Red had an issue with one of the Minecraft versions and thusly Forge. When that happened Thermal Expansion stepped up to they player and became a team known a the guilty of the full hub, or commonly as TeamCoFH and developed the Redstone Flux API which was massively popular as out allowed a lot of mod pack developers to switch from using Project Red and thus port over to 1.6.4. While that was going on new mod packs were created based on the new mods.

Now history is repeating itself and the those who forged the new timeline have forgotten the events that brought them their purpose. And so the current mod packs are becoming stale because the rely on mods that rely on an API that is skipping 1.8 altogether.

The Kreezcraft mod packs fill this new gap by bringing you new mods that replace old standards and bring you new features. One of these new mods known as Power Advantage API by Dr. Cyano had heard the heralding call and answered with a mod that will bring the old tech mods into the future if they are willing to change interfaces. It also brings to light new mods that bring a fresh reality to our world.

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  1. Is there anyway you can leave links to the server-side files so other won’t have to dig through your web site just to find them? no biggie, but it might help other server admins that wish to use your modpack. Thanks in advance for taking time to read this!

    • If you will kindly look under “Minecraft”->”Downloads”->”Servers” you will see what you want, no drilling required. Also, the servers are linked to via the CurseForge client packs that describe them.

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