My Admin Rules for all Staff on all Servers

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1. So here are the admin rules, of which I probably should’ve stated them, but there is no way to enforce them currently.

2. Only use op to help players fix an issue with the game or something they have messed up that can’t fixed via existing game mechanics.

3. Make sure the player isn’t pulling your leg.

4. You can only fix your own fuck up when it matches rule #1 above, you must treat yourself as the player.

5. The only time the other rules do apply is when you are building in a server sanctioned space that is protected globally from any modifications unless one were an op.

6. You must be active a chat stream that involves the owner (kreezxil).

7. You can not block players in said chat stream or other chat venues that are sanctioned to the server (we have discord and curse among other methods).

8. Honor, it is tantamount, you must have it and you must abide by it.

9. This system is based on the honor system.

10. If you have no honor I can not trust you. Honor will expose your status eventually.

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