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Cobbleblock 1.7.8


I hate it when mods don’t work right, I’m talking to you Simply Jetpacks 2! You don’t realize how buggy your shit is because you’re a fanboy mod and people slap your nasty ass into their packs without even testing you and then reporting the bugs. And then when someone does you have a stupid excuse as to why they’re the problem.


Bisect Hosting

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How to setup the server


I had this issue with World of Dragons and you didn’t care and so I removed your shit mod and replaced it Iron Jetpacks which works way better and has far more tiers of jetpacks. Iron Jeptacks is simply better.

Let’s try some fancy pipes that request things to be crafted. Thermal Logistics.

Added Trash Slot because I’m not a big fan of dank null which is just a fancy garbage can that keeps its inventory.

Added help fixer to fix issues with /help that most modpack players don’t even know they should be reporting.

Fixed a recipe with coil conflicts. Server admin make sure the scripts folder is copied over.


Simply Jetpacks 2


HELPFIXER ::>ChangeLog



TRASHSLOT ::>ChangeLog




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