Is World of Dragons Popular in 2018?

World of Dragons ranking at #6 on CurseForge Popular Modpacks of all Time

World of Dragons has reached TOP 6 on CurseForge and is expecting an huge popularity boost beginning July of 2018. I expect this momentum to carry on thru to the end of the year.

Don’t worry, tho, while mod development is beginning to slow down due to development on Forge slowing down as they prepare for 1.13 and continued bug quashing, I have switched gears and began construction of a start world that is a companion world for the pack, both as a Single Player starting world and a Multiplayer starting world.

If you would like to take part in designing, constructing and otherwise building this start work, please join my Discord which is on the right panel of this page and then ask for the @World Builders role.

If you’ve followed the pack you know that I have added Worldedit, Custom NPCS, and BETTER QUESTING NPC INTEGRATION. All these mods are needed to make exciting and exotic start worlds with npcs that give out quests like you can find in many MMORPG games now.

That means the pack now supports questing that you can receive from Village lords, questing that you can receive from shopkeeper that deals in quests, questing from the default quest book that we give you and now questing from the NPCS.

There is already a lot you can do as a player in World of Dragons and even more you can do as a World Builder. I plan to have a starter world ready in the next 2 weeks. Development of the World will be ongoing and it’s release cycle will be like that of the mother pack.

Hope to see you in Game.

Oh, and much Thanks to the latest Level IV Donators on my Patreon, Luke and Lars. Your support will make sure an awesome gaming experience through the next few months continues to be a successful event.

As always and forever more,


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