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Jesus Christ! Technic Solder is more difficult than ever!

I messed up my Technic Solder server or so I thought. What really happened is that exceeded memory allotment on one of the tables. The right solution under the burdened Solder app would have been to recreate the mod pack and import a fresh branch in to the Technic Platform.

Probably an even better solution would’ve been to move the sqlite database to to a proper mysql database.

However, neither of those options lend themselves to simplicity which is what Technic is supposed to be.

I would like to point out that it took me 4 days to get my Technic Solder server functioning again. This is because I thought to myself “This would be an excellent opportunity to show you how it’s done!” … I am here to tell you that I was fooling myself. Technic Solder is not easy to set up.

They say on their site that you need to be an Advanced Server Admin to do it. The reality is that you don’t. What you have to be good at is reading between the lines. Because whoever made the Getting Started guide simply typed it up off of the top their head and left out the steps they personally used to get the thing going.

As it currently stands the document is messed up. I have created my own version of the steps that I feel is more clear and are the steps I will personally be taking the next time that I have to do this.

Also, because it will feel like a big lump a poo once you’ve done this, I’ve added all of the stuff I use with it and explained that too.

It will be overwhelming to say the least and strongly suggest you have your beverage and stimulants of choice on hand as you will need to take your time and breathe deeply at each step in your journey.

Get start with install Technic Solder the Kreezxil way here: How to Install Technic Solder and Use It Like a Pro!


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Author: kreezxil

Started gaming, computing and programming back in late 70's around the release of the first Star Wars movie. My first computer was a Commodore 64 that I received for a combined Christmas and Birthday present. The computer came with a tape drive that saved and loaded programs from a cassette tape. The same kind we recorded on audio back then. I remember it would take 4 hours to load a 16k program! I don't miss those days in that regard. Over the years I've learned both the operating systems, the hardware and basic coding disciplines need to maintain and tweak the following systems. The complete Commodore Amiga line, every pc clone model class from the 8086 to to the Pentium. Noteable Operating Systems are Commodore Basic (64/128), GEOS, Amiga OS (all versions), Mac OS (all versions), Windows OS (all versions, including dos ), CPM just because I wanted to see what the predecessor to MSDOS and DR-DOS was. Over the course of all these years, I have learned most of the batch languages out including the JCL from the DEC Class VAX/VMS systems, Amiga Rexx, and more. The number of programming languages I am familiar with and have coded in are numerous and even more if count being asked to help debug the code of other projects. Those range from Basic, to C, to C++ to Java to HTML and on and on and on. In all this, I have always centered on either creating game or enhancing a game. For the better of 90's that was for a Text based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) known as a Mud or Multi User Domain/Dungeon, sometimes known as a Maximum Undergrad Destroyer for the sheer number of college level dropouts it created and partly because college sysadmins would allow the game to be installed on their servers. That game supported the first real-time object oriented language first known as LPC (Lars Pensj C) and then later MudOS when LPC became open sourced. MudOS was the predecessor to Everquest when some enterprising individuals decided to put a graphical front end on it. and well the list goes on ... My roots are long and deep, I have the experience and passion, support me and we can be great together!