Join CurseForge on Twitch!

I’m not kidding. Please join the super secret support channel on the Twitch App by clicking on right now.

I posted about the shill that was in there the other day. I told you about the screwed up way they are doing POPULARITY. Without you in there providing an alternative view point things will remain the same. Yes! This is a call to action! This is not a million man march where the President can look out his window and say “Woah! How many women are wearing placentas on their heads?”.

This is the Internet where just showing up only means you are a lurker. Yes! I said it. Lurker! Even on my own Discord channel, while I boast of your numbers the vast majority of you are lurkers. You aren’t there to support me at all you simple exist and watch, but your presence contributes nothing. In the real world your presence contributes much but the digital world is different. 

You see in the digitial world, the world of the Internet, to show support you must be Madonna, Rodney King Jr., Malcolm X, every person with a bull horn. You must open your mouth and say something. In this case your mouth is your keyboard. No body cares if you can’t type well or mispewl thangs. Tho0se that dew are jack arses their opinions don’t matter becuz the only way they can win the argument is to pick on how you speak or type.

On the Internet you have to type to show support. Just show up in da super secret support channel for channel #minecraft and say “kreezxil is right”, “Claycorp is wrong” or “whatever else you feel empowered to say” be kind tho.

Here’s an excerpt that followed after my last statement to them yesterday. What we have here are two shills patting each other on the back comforting each other in their stature as a narc for a Fascist system they themselves actually setup by scaring away anyone else that might have an effect on the CurseForge developers.

So by you not joining this and sounding off, bear in mind that both the players in the channel have their own Discord servers where they are supposedly needed daily. They had a congratulatory tit for tat effectively scrolling away the conversation of the day.

You need to show up and say something, if you can’t muster saying anything on behalf of anyone at least show up and type some random sentence from your phone, the newspaper, your mod, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, transfriend, your dog barking or something.

My ultimate goal is to rip the platform away from those two shills who would seek to control all of CurseForge by ensuring that their Bag o’Dickery is the only comments the CurseForge staff ever see and consider. And that will only happen you join it and type anything, also don’t just type it. Hit that return key. Afterall you did signup with a screen name other than your real name didn’t you?

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