Major Updates and Snafus!

First the Snafu! Apparently the only one affected by the Snafu is me! That’s the good news. I say that because no one really reads this blog. Maybe that’s bad news! However, I have been wanting to change it for some time so the fact that I failed to download my archive backups of the site was a blessing in disguise.

We have both a 1.8 Forge server (modded Minecraft) and a Terraria server running! That’s why the entire server got updated!

To play on our 1.8 Forge server you will need MultiMC from  And our modpack at

Simplest instructions:

  1. extract the archive from multimc somewhere
  2. copy the multimc folder to place of your choosing, there is no installer
  3. make a shortcut link of multimc.exe somewhere, probably your desktop
  4. start multimc
  5. click accounts and add your minecraft credentials to it
  6. click new instance
  7. name it Extreme
  8. click the “…” button and choose 1.8
  9. click ok
  10. click once on the Extreme Icon
  11. click on “edit instance” in the right-side panel
  12. click on “install forge” and choose the latest one (topmost) unless told otherwise elsewhere
  13. when that is done, close that window that popped up
  14. with the Extreme Icon still selected click on “instance folder” in the right-side menu
  15. go up one directory
  16. copy our modpack to this directory and double click it
  17. when asked to overwrite, choose “yes to all” <– if you don’t get this prompt, something is wrong!
  18. when done go back to multimc and double click the Extreme Icon to play it.
  19. Our server address is already embedded in the modpack!

To play on our 24/7 Terraria server using the address and the port 7777, it’s public, and everyone is welcome to play on it.

We have a teamspeak server at, it is also public and everyone is welcome to use it!

Mods in our 1.8 Forge Server:

  1. BetterLeather – adds various ways to create leather and use leather for even more types of stuff!
  2. Voxel Map – waypoints, mob radar and more!
  3. Liteloader 1.8 – currently used to load voxel map, can be used to load your liteloader mods, add them to the 1.8 folder in your mods folder of your client.
  4. Animal bikes – Let’s you ride multiple animals
  5. Aroma1997Core – A library used by mods from Aroma1997
  6. AtomicStryker Update Check – Update checker for AtomicStryker mods
  7. BetterChests – adds expandable chests that can also take functions and automation
  8. Chicken Shed – cause chickens to shed feathers, drop eggs and to be shearable
  9. Clean Snow Golems – make snow golems without pumpkin heads.
  10. Convenient Recipes – Adds a bunch of new useful recipes as well as making a few blocks such as stairs and fences cheaper. New for 1.8: craftable prismarine and sponges.
  11. Craft++ – Adds everything that vanilla Minecraft needs.
  12. CyanosLootableBodies – your corpse becomes a death chest
  13. CyanosWonderfulWands – adds a magic system to 1.8 Minecraft
  14. Essence of the Gods – adds an rpg component
  15. Auto Sapling – saplings plant themselves instead of despawning at the 5 minute mark
  16. Extra Achievements – More to strive for in the world of minecraftia!
  17. Fireplace Core – Library required by The_Fireplace’s mods.
  18. Fire’s Clay Spawn – Allows clay to spawn on in the world just like ores.
  19. Infernal Mobs – Diablo style random Enchantments on Entities! Harder fights! More XP and enchanted loot!
  20. Inventory Sorter – allows you to middle click on inventories to automatically sort and stack them
  21. Jelly Cubes – allows you to created edible jelly cubes from slimeballs!
  22. K4Lib – Library for K4Unl’s mods.
  23. Koi – adds a fish to the game that swims around, and drops fish when killed.
  24. Mineralogy – adds real world rocks to the games. All stone is replaced by the sedimentary layers created by this mod. Use the resulting stone to craft in place of cobble. Stone and cobble can still be made via crafting.
  25. MrCrayfishFurniture – The Kitchen Update – Adds tons of furniture including Kitchen stuff too!
  26. Multi Mine – Allows you to resume mining and chopping when you are momentarily distracted, supports mining and chopping faster when your friends aid you.
  27. Nether Essence – Adds Nether Essence
  28. Nether Eye – Used to find Nether Fortresses. Crafted with ender pearl and magma cream.
  29. Parachute Mod – allows you to not fall to your death
  30. Reptile Mod – adds reptilian critters to the game
  31. Simple Recipes – adds missing recipes to the game
  32. Skyland – A new dimension to explore!
  33. Village Up (Better Villages)
  34. Zyin’s HUD – various utilities and enhancements. Like hitting “x” while looking at a chest to instantly transfer your personal contents to a chest! If a chest has items in it, the chest then acts as a filter! Click link to find out what else Zyin’s HUD does!
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