1.8 Forge Client Initial Setup


Follow the list below to the letter and you will not have an issue. Checkboxes have been provided to help you manage the steps involved in the process.

MultiMC Install Instructions

  1. Goto http://www.multimc.org and download the client.
  2. Install MultiMC
  3. Create a New Instance
  4. Name the instance anything you want
  5. Do not close the new instance window
  6. Go to our mod pack download section at http://kreezcraft.com/downloads/
  7. Navigate to the “Current” directory
  8. Choose the highest version for the type of mod pack you are going to play
  9. Right click the mod pack url and choose “copy link” (this option is titled differently on the various browsers)
  10. In the new instance window, click on import mod pack
  11. Paste the url (link) we copied earlier in the box where it says “http://
  12. Hit Ok and wait.
  13. MultiMC is now downloading and installing the mod pack.
  14. Before proceeding make sure the Forge version matches the mod pack link you copied.
    1. With your new instance selected, choose “Edit Instance
    2. Click on “Install Forge
    3. Scroll up or down to find the last 4 digits that match the Forge build (version) that is in parens
    4. Select the required version for our mod pack, usually the one with the lady bug on it.
    5. Click “OK“, That version of Forge will now download and install
  15. When done double click the instance you created to play it.
  16. Our server address is already embedded in the modpack!

Technic Launcher Install Instructions

  1. Download and install Technic Launcher either from below in the “clients” folder or from http://www.TechnicPack.net/download.
  2. With Technic Launcher open, in the search box at the top left enter
    1. http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/extreme-18 for the Extreme 1.8 Mega Mod Pack
    2. http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/extreme-18-skycraft for the Skycraft 1.8 Mega Mod Pack
  3. and hit enter
  4. You will see it appear in your bar on the left.
  5. Click it
    1. Choosing “play” will download the “recommended” version and you will soon be playing that version
    2. If you want to play on the “latest” and mostly unstable build,
      1. click the “sprocket” icon
      2. choose “latest
      3. click the “X” button (do not click “reinstall”, it will not do what you think at this point)