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I have them and I know how to make them. For every pack that I create I always create a dedicated standalone ready to run server pack to go with them. You don’t need the server packs unless you want to play with friends on a non-LAN environment.

My server packs are below the DIY section below.

Creating you own server is pretty easy and used to be described in full detail at the but not anymore, so I shall explain.

How to Setup your own Minecraft Forge Server

  1. Download the Forge INSTALLER tier and version (build number) as required by the pack you have built Packs are built against a specific Forge tier and version according to the Forge requirements of the mods within them. Violating that can cause a major crash and burn and major RTFM style comments when you get someone to listen to you. People with a Linux/Unix console only will download the installer that is in jar format and not the one for windows. The rest of these instructions assume you downloaded the jar version of the Installer.
  2. In the shell or at the dos prompt, place this file in to the folder or dictory where your want your server pack to live.
  3. Enter that directory and create the directories config, and mods.
  4. mods is where you’ll be placing the mods that you downloaded that match the forge tier and will run under the forge build of that tier you have selected.
  5. config is where you’ll be going to discover and tweak configuration files generated by the mods you have in the pack. It is possible to edit configs before a mod is run initially if you already have a sample config to use from that mod, for instance the client where you tested things.
  6. Now use the command java -jar name-of-forge-installer.jar –installServer
  7. After a few moments of it download the necessary library files you’ll have a proper Forge installation. From this point on you no longer need the installer and may safely remove it.
  8. When you want to upgrade your Forge, as long as it is in the same tier you can simply copy over the desired Forge Universal jar. If the tier changes, and you switch to that, you will have to also update all of your mods to their versions that are on that tier and build. You will also have to run the installer again for forge, because library files will have changed as well.
  9. My recommendation is to give your pack to an experience pack builder and let them build a server pack for you. You should consider donating to them too.

Server Packs

World of Dragons 7.9.65 (133 downloads)
Digit Craft 1.11.2 Server (87 downloads)
Colonial Expansion 1.12.2 Server (92 downloads)
Colonial Industrialization 1.12.2 Server (84 downloads)
Modern Industry 1.12.2 Server (69 downloads)
Sky Colony 1.12.2 Server (150 downloads)


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