All The Tech

Disclaimer: This pack doesn’t have all the tech in it but it has a lot of it! 


Requirements: 6GB ram, it loaded fine on my system with the client set to this amount.


186 Juicy mods as of November 3, 2016 and from the mega driven mind of Kreezxil!


Enjoy and explore an over-world with randomly generated unique structures and quest giving characters at your local village center! A technology centric pack sure to keep the mad scientist in your endlessly collecting, collating, categorizing and assembling materials and products into new and ever more wondrous contraptions.


Explore and battle your way through several new dimensions and even build a rocket ship that will take you to the planets!


This pack is both single and multiplayer friendly. If you want a server for it please go to and get the file called ““. The server is always built against the latest pack and I do keep the last 5 server archives in backup.