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Updated Aug 23, 2016

Your world of Technology has vanished! It is up to you to rebuild it!

Updated Aug 14, 2016

A Post-Armageddon Mod Pack!

Updated Jun 27, 2016

As many mods as possible, and yet still very playable.

by kreezxil

Updated Jun 26, 2016

Sky Block based on the Uno Niner Four Mega Pack

Updated May 29, 2016

A huge mod pack with server with tons of 1.9 mods in it.

by kreezxil

Updated May 28, 2016

A Sky block pack based on Sky Resources and Dr. Cyano’s Tech mods.

Updated Apr 26, 2016

A skycraft, skyworld, skyblock mod pack with server for 1.8.9 Forge.

Updated Apr 17, 2016

A huge Mega Pack with hundreds of mods feature all of the tech mods and some magic!

Updated Sep 3, 2016

A lite version Sky Challenge pack for those with 4GB or less!

Updated 1 day ago

An Extremely Minimalistic Modded Sky Challenge


Or you can download the MultiMC versions below!


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