@ Technic

On Saturday September 24, 2016 I accidentally wiped my entire Technic Solder database irrevocably!

Lessons Learned:

  • Do Not Operate a VPS while Exhausted
  • Do Not Operate more than one VPS at a time
  • Always Back Up, Actually Have a Backup Policy in Place
  • Make sure you know which VPS you are on before making Sweeping Changes
  • No one cares that you type 80 words per minute, least of all the VPS you typed that wiping command into while tired which was the wrong vps in the wrong window and it’s your fault for not having a daily backup!

There is a small silver lining to this.

I’ve wanted to stop with the Technic Solder once I had given the Curse Client a proper chance and discovered:

  • that I didn’t need my distribution server
  • that it tells me what is outdated so I can one-click update
  • that Curse shares its revenue with me
  • that it also incrementally updates the players who use my packs, a function that I thought was solely in the realm of Technic Solder
  • that it allows me to turn off a mod for testing purposes
  • that it allows me to easily update a MultiMC installation by simply copying the config and mod folders

I also learned that my Technic Solder setup instructions still work as I used them to attempt to recover my screw up, but ultimately this is where I really messed up because I erroneously migrated which caused a database wipe rendering all my work useless.

I’m still reeling from my failure and trying to see the silver lining for what it is. So, after my errands today, I’ll be setting up backup policies so I don’t wreck my other servers.

The sad thing is I knew I should’ve had them!

Yeah, all of that means, I no longer have packs at Technic!