Computer Craft Turtles – Building the Applied Energistics Atomic Assembler the Easy Way

We build our starting components for our massive autocrafting computer otherwise known as the A.E/M.E Atomic Assembler for the first 12 minutes then a new turtle is built.

We install the market[1] program from and my preload[2] program from there as well. The preload program will load many useful programs automatically onto your turtle. Many of which you can see directly on my project page at[3]

The really useful programs in this batch are ‘do'[4] and ‘platform'[5].

With ‘do’ you can execute a one-line batch using any program you have on your turtle as the command language. All you need to do is separate the commands with ‘;’s.

And ‘platform’, is a change to Zach Dyers program known as ‘easy platform builder'[6]. The changes are that if you fail to supply arguments, my program won’t move the turtle first and my version will accept a third argument allowing you to choose how many blocks to move before placing a supplied torch.

The tank[7] program is installed and is the program I ended up using to build the structure of the atomic assembler. In hindsight I could have chosen a different one but I was tired at the time and used what I had.

After this humongous monstrosity of a crafting computer is created, I use my ‘do'[9] program to cut out the edges so I can have a place to put the containment walls. And then I realize I made it too damn big and use the bore[8] program to trim its size down. We finish off with the platform[10] program to close of the hole over the void left behind.


[1] 12:52 – market –

[2] 13:00 – preload –

[3] my projects at –

[4] do –

[5] platform a.k.a. platform II –

[6] easy platform builder – – problems: no torch placement, moves forward 1 when no arguments are given and then exits.

[7] 14:57 – tank builder, a.k.a. tank –

[8] 25:41 – bore a.k.a. bore v2 –

[9] 18:37 – ‘do’ explanation and example

[10] 27:01 – ‘platform’ explanation and example