Advanced Swords by sblectric


Advanced Swords provides extremely powerful swords along with more flexible sword enchanting. From advanced wooden swords to the incredible advanced nether star sword, this mod is sure to quench your thirst for power.

It also includes sword enchantment upgrades, which allow you to pick and choose enchantments for your sword without needing an enchantment table or enchanted books. Simply craft the sword with the upgrade and its enchantment level will go up by one.

You can also access enchantments up to twice the normal maximum by crafting elite enchantment upgrades, but some of these get quite expensive.

Advanced Swords is open-source! Check out the github here.

Advanced Addons has a lot of additions for Advanced Swords. These two mods will be merged into Advanced Combat in 1.11, so watch for it!

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Swords from wood to nether!

The latter is quite expensive indeed, as it’s crafted with a regular nether star sword (2x nether stars + a stick), a beacon, a nether star block (9x nether stars), and 2 enchanted golden apples.

Most recipes are simple, though. Crafting a sword with the block version of its material will give you its advanced big brother, such as the advanced iron sword:


The enchantments can be upgraded like so:

Enjoy the mod!


Minecraft forum thread can be found here.