Afraid of the Dark by David_M1A2

Afraid of The Dark / Credit: David_M1A2

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Afraid of the Dark is a new magic mod designed for Minecraft 1.8 featuring massive custom generated structures and a complete research system familiar to fans of Thaumcraft. While the mod is still very much in development, core features are complete and all the features planned for release 1.0 are finished.

To begin, you will need to search for an Erie Forest biome. (see screenshots below) After searching this biome a little while, you should find a circular entrance on the surface made of mossy cobblestone. Enter the crypt but beware… the loot will not be unprotected. Your main goal is to find a blood stained journal–a word of caution–signing this journal is not reversible. If you do sign this journal you will begin the mod and the journal will guide you.




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