akkamaddi’s Ashenwheat by Sinhika

akkamaddi originally created this mod, which adds four utility crops. He could no longer maintain it, and gave permission for anyone to port his code here and here. I originally included it in my akkamaddi’s Additions project, but it is entirely independent of Simple Ores 2, so I decided to move it to a separate project.

I ported “Ashenwheat” to 1.7.10. akkamaddi’s original documentation is below. Thanks to TheOldOne822, we were able to add MFR planter and harvester compatibility to the mod. I have also ported this mod to 1.8.9; however, as of this writing, there is no MFR for 1.8.9, so there is no MFR compatibility in Ashenwheat for 1.8.9.

This a small farming mod, adding four utility crops: Ashenwheat (a fuel, and can make charcoal), Ossidroot (can make Bonemeal), Thundergrass (can make gunpowder), and Scintillawheat (can make Glowstone Dust). For those that use Forestry, Calcified Ash (smelted Ossid Root) is regsitered as “dustAsh” to the Ore Dictionary, and should work as Ash in that mod’s recipes.

Ashenwheat was actually one of the first mods akkamaddi attempted, though there were minor setbacks, and his focus was diverted to Simple Ores. It is now finished, and at a point where it could grow.

Ashenwheat adds four “utility crops” to Minecraft.

Ashenwheat – The namesake of the mod. This is a dark, sulphurous strain of wheat that literally emits burning embers. It glows from internal heat. While slower-growing than normal wheat, it can be used to make hay bales and bread, and even cookies! All Ashenwheat products will burn as fuel in any furnace which accepts standard fuel, and Ashenbread will smelt into charcoal.

Ossidroot – This strange plant has a large, hard, bulbous, inedible root that looks vaguely like a skull. A torch can be set in the base to make an Ossid Lantern, similar to a Jack-O-Lantern, while a fresh Ossid Root can be smelted to Calcified Ash, which makes Bonemeal. Ossidroot grows a little slower than Ashenwheat. Ossidroot plants, and the Lanters, emit an ominous gloom.

Thundergrass – This thick, wiry grass produces more seeds when dried. The seeds can be smelted small lumps of Unstable Soot, which can then be crafted into Gunpowder. Thundergrass grows a little slower than Ashenwheat. Thundergrass glows slightly, and smokes from internal heat.

Scintillawheat – Scintillawheat is a rare and slow-growing wheat. It glows brighter than Ashenwheat, and shimmers even in the sun. It can be used to make hay bales and bread, and even cookies. Scintillawheat bales can be smelted to produce Scintillating Ash, which can be crafted into Glowstone Dust.

The configuration file to Ashenwheat (under the folder “akkamaddi” in the config directory), contains many Boolean variables. To begin, there is seed generation. Section “xx seeds in chests” is set to true by default. This allows seeds, and rarely some items, to appear in chests. This can be disabled.

Section “yy wild grass drops” has one entry per crop (four total), allowing each to enable dropping of Ashenwheat crop seeds on breaking of wild grass. All four are set to false by default, and so must be set to true to have the crops appear from random grass drops. The probabilities for grass drops are all quite low. Ashenwheat is 4%, Ossidroot is 3%, Thundergrass is 2%, and Scintillawheat is 1% per broken grass.

Section “zz boolean configuration” has several particle effects, all set to false by default. Ashenwheat crop can be set to flame, and the bales can be set to flame and smoke. Similarly, Scintillawheat crops and bales can separately be set to sparkle. Ossidroot crop can be set to “gloom”, as can the Ossidroot Lanterns (not root blocks, only lanterns). Thundergrass can be set to smoke.

With lighting, none of the crops should be bright enough to affect monster generation, or enable crop growth on their own. Scintillawheat is the brightest, and should not affect mushrooms. The bales, and Ossid Lanterns, have the same light value as a Jack-O-Lantern (1.000).

When harvesting, all crops become darker. Ashenwheat becomes more rust-colored, while Scintillawheat becomes more brown. Thundergrass becomes tall and dark. The colors on the Ossidroot vines become darker (with a greenish tip), and they eyes of the root can be seen “peeking up”.

When broken, Ashenwheat and Scintillawheat produce one seed if not ripe. When ripe, they produce either one sheaf and 1-2 seeds, or 2-3 seeds (50/50 chance). Ossidroot will produce one see if not ripe, or one Ossid Root block (no seed) if ripe. Thundergrass only produces seeds, more when ripe. Further, a sheaf can be broken down to four seeds through crafting. Ossid roots are similarly broken down into four seeds to produce more crop. (Some crop must be sacrificed for future harvests.)

Both Ashenwheat and Scintillawheat sheafs can be crafted into bread, hay bales, and cookies. The bales act as storage blocks, but also make good decorative blocks. They are directional, they glow, and can be set to emit particles.

Ashenwheat and Scintillawheat sheafs can be crafted into bread. Normal bread restores five hunger points and has a saturation value of 6. Ashenwheat bread is foul-tasting. It only restores four hunger points, with a saturation value of 5. Scintillawheat bread is better. It only restores four hunger points, as it tastes bland with an odd gritty texture, but has a saturation value of 7.

The wheats can also be used to make cookies, using the standard recipe. The cookies only restore one hunger point, with a saturation value of 1. however, each causes Regeneration for a short time. An Ashenwheat cookie causes Regeneration for two seconds, which is usually, but not always, enough to heal one-half heart of damage. Scintillawheat cookies will cause regeneration for three seconds, which will consistently heal one-half heart damage.

Ossid Roots can be crafted into seeds, or combined with a torch to create an Ossid Lantern. The Root must be directly over the torch.

Thundergrass seeds do not have crafting recipes.

Many items can be smelted to produce special ash or other items. Ashenwheat Bread is smelteded into charcoal, making it a renewable fuel source. Scintillawheat bales are smelted into Scintillating Ash. Ossid Roots are smelted into Calcified Ash. (Calcified Ash is registered to the Ore Dictionary additionally as “dustAsh”, so it should work as Ash in Forestry recipes.) Thundergrass Seeds are smelted into Unstable Soot.

These special residues are used to craft useful items. Four Calcified Ash lumps will make one use of Bonemeal. Nine Unstable Soot lumps will make one use of Gunpowder. Four Scintillating Ash lumps (from four bales, or 36 successful harvests), will produce one pile of Glowstone Dust.

Lastly, Ashenwheat can be used as a fuel. The values, in terms of items smelted, are below

(For reference)
Coal / Charcoal: 8 items
Sapling: 2 saplings per item

Ashenwheat Sheaf: 2 sheafs per item (same as saplings)
Ashenwheat Bread: 3 items
Ashenwheat Bale: 12 items
Ashenwheat Cookie: 4 cookies per item
Ashenwheat Seeds: 8 seeds per item

For speed, the bale is the most effective use of fuel. If more time is allowed, smelting bread into charcoal is the most efficient use. Also, a large surplus of seeds can use used for fuel, rather than simply stored.

–original description courtesy of akkamaddi.