Animals Plus by Click_Me


PD101 and Silvercatcher for the lyrebird,
Starwarrior25 for the butterfly and dragonfly textures
and PCAwesomeness for creating the Animals Plus wiki.
Click_Me was inspired by EXDragonith, Daveyx0 and Firehazurd.

Video Review


Has travelling the Minecraft worlds gotten a tad stale for you? A lack of unique creatures, maybe? If so, Animals Plus not only solves this problem, it even makes you forget you ever had it. With Animals Plus you can see huge whales majestically swimming in the vast oceans. Snakes are in lurking in every dark corner in the overgrown forests. Meanwhile, in the graceful plains there are crickets scurrying at your feet and butterflies dancing around you.





Animals Plus adds over 30 new and unique creatures.




Spoiler for MALL ANIMALS


Spoiler for IRDS



Catch and collect butterflies with a net!






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