Armor Recalc by TheOldOne22

1.9 allows for partial armor points but the vanilla damage calculation strips them before actually performing the damage reduction calculation. This recalc just applies a minor tweak to tale the partial points into account so that 2.5 armor is actually better than 2.0 but worse than 3.0

Spoiler for echnical stuff

The vanilla damage code is vanillaDamage = incommingDamage * ( 1 – max( defensePoints / 5, defensePoints – incommingDamage / 2 ) / 25 ) but the call to read defensePoints converts it from a double to an int and then is converted to a float.

This mod uses the forge hook to change the incommingDamage so that the result of the vanilla calculation (using the defensePoints reduced to nearest int) becomes what it would have been if it used the base incommingDamage and converted the actual double value of defensePoints directly to a float.