Auto Packager by smbarbour

Just a simple machine that takes RF power and scans an inventory to the left (when facing the front) and crafts any item of a single type that can be crafted in a 2×2 or 3×3 grid (i.e. nether quartz -> quartz blocks or iron ingots -> block of iron), placing the result in an inventory to the right.

As of 1.4, if items cannot be crafted during a cycle, stacks of identical items will be merged.

As of 1.4.2, right-clicking on the block with an empty hand will tell you the current mode it is in and right-clicking while sneaking with an empty hand will cycle the mode.  (2×2 then 3×3, 2×2 only, and 3×3 only modes)

As of 1.5.3, a new mode has been added: 3×3 hollow.  Using this mode, items will be crafted using a chest-like pattern.  This can be used for furnaces, chests, and the majority of Magical Crops essence crafting.

Additionally, the AutoPackager itself will act as a Sorting Connector for a Refined Relocation sorting network.

Note: If you are using Refined Relocation and remove it, any AutoPackager that still exists in the world WILL cause a crash.  (This should no longer be the case as of 1.5.7)

Modpack permissions

This mod may be included and redistributed in any modpack, public or private, without requiring explicit permission.



In-world usage layout: