Awesome Craft by Gogofo

Machines, Power and Teleporters / Credit: Gogofo

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Machines and Pipes / Credit: Gogofo

* IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod does NOT require a new world as it does not effect world generation (intentionally).

Main features:

– Machines

– Tools

– Pipes


– Generator: generates power

– Grinder: Grinds stuff… mainly iron/gold ore to dust (2) which can be smelted normally, also grinds cobble/stone to sand

– Fuser: Fuses some stuff, not much ATM

– Extractor: Extracts stuff, currently only extracts Mob Essence which can be used in the Fuser to make spawn eggs

– Charger: Charges electrical tools

– Electric Furnace: (normal furnace working on electricity with 125% efficiency

– Teleporter: Creates a portal that transfers you to another Teleporter.(See how to make it work below)

* Electric wire: Connects electrical networks

How power works:

– Power works in networks. All machines connected together by conductive blocks (machines and wires) counts as a single network.

– All machines on a given network can work as long as the network’s power level is 1 and above.

– Machines lowers the power of a network when they work

– Generators generate 10 power, most machines take 1 power when working (Teleporter takes 3)


* Most tools need to be charged in a charger to work.

– Multimeter: Right click on any block to check it’s network’s power.

– Chainsaw: Acts as an axe except when you cut wood it cuts all other wood blocks above it.

– Container: Contains up to 20 water/lava. Can place contained liquid by right clicking and can dispose of all contained liquid by holding shift+right clicking

– Liquid Pump: Same as an empty bucket, except it can be used on non-source blocks and so it tracks a connected source.

* You must have a liquid container to hold the pumped liquid


* Pipes work, but may be a bit buggy (they are new)

* All pipes connect to other pipes and containers + they support sided containers

– Suction pipe: Sucks items out of all connected containers. (Also acts as a normal pipe once items are in)

– Pipe: Transports contained items to nearby pipes/containers (Favors containers over pipes, crossroads work in random)

– Sorting Pipe: Enables you to choose where can items go to (with double chest GUI).

– Every item in a row allows for that item to transport to the matching direction

– if slots 1 and 2 are identical then all items may transport in that direction

– Each row is for each of the 6 directions in the following order from top to bottom: Up, Down, North, South, East, West.


To work a teleporter needs a few things.

– Power (it is a machine after all)

– A key (put inside the teleporter)

– An opposite working teleporter with the same key

– A square shape with the teleporter placed at the BOTTOM (square shape == just like nether portal)

A few notes:

– You become invisible while in the portal

– You cannot use the portal while invisible

– If there are more then 2 teleporters with the same key, none will work.




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