Base Metal Golems by sky_01

This mod is an add-on to Extra Golems. Using metal blocks from Base Metals, you can now build golems to help you fend off monsters! All golems look unique and have configurable health and attack capabilities.

Base Metal Golems adds the following to the Minecraft Universe:

  • Adamantine Golem: 240 health, 21 attack, extra damage to tough mobs, resistance
  • Aquarium Golem: 120 health, 8 attack, extra damage to water mobs
  • Brass Golem: 65 health, 5.5 attack
  • Bronze Golem: 90 health, 6 attack
  • Cold Iron Golem: 112 health, 9.5 attack, extra damage to fireproof mobs
  • Copper Golem: 60 health, 5 attack
  • Electrum Golem: 90 health, 7.5 attack
  • Invar Golem: 140 health, 9 attack
  • Lead Golem: 75 health, 8.5 attack, knockback resistance
  • Mithril Golem: 180 health, 10 attack, extra damage to undead
  • Nickel Golem: 60 health, 5 attack
  • Silver Golem: 70 health, 5.5 attack, immune to magic damage
  • Star-Steel Golem: 155 health, 10 attack, self-heals, lightweight, glows dimly
  • Steel Golem: 175 health, 10 attack
  • Tin Golem: 48 health, 4.5 attack
  • Zinc Golem: 48 health, 4.5 attack

The newest feature is the highly flexible configuration file. You can now customize each golem’s health, attack damage, spawn permissions, and any special abilities.

Sample config entry:

star-steel_golem {
# Whether the Star-Steel Golem can be built [default: true]
B:”Allow Golem”=true

# Whether this golem can ocasionally heal itself [default: true]
B:”Allow Special: Random Healing”=true

# Base attack damage dealt by this golem [range: 0.0 ~ 300.0, default: 10.0]
S:”Golem Attack”=10.0

# Max health for this golem [range: 0.0 ~ 999.0, default: 155.0]
S:”Golem Health”=155.0


Extra Golems — the version number of the Base Metal Golems download will match the Extra Golems version it was built for (eg, Base Metal Golems 3.05.x requiresExtra Golems 3.05)

V3.x require Base Metals 1.8.0 and Forge for 1.8.9 (built and tested with version

V4.x require Base Metals 2.2.2 and Forge for 1.9 (built and tested with version

V5.x require Base Metals and Forge for 1.9.4 (built and tested with version12.17.0.1976)

V6.x require Base Metals and Forge for 1.10 (built and tested with version12.18.0.2000)