Baubles Stuff by zazpro

This mod adds some Baubles Stuff and a lot of upgrades for it!

Here you can find modular baubles. One bauble and a lot of upgrades for it, that works at the same time.


All things that you need are in one bauble!


For applying upgrade just add it in craft grid.


Upgrade Extractor – Allows you to return your upgrades back. Just right click it with bauble in your hand.

Available upgrades:


HighStep Upgrade – You can walk on 1 block without jumping.

Speed Upgrade – Increases players speed.

Jump Upgrade – Increases players jump height.

Flying Upgrade – Gains creative fly to player.


Fire Immune Upgrade – You can swim in lava and absorb any fire damage.

Fall Damage Immune Upgrade – You can’t get damage from falling.

Wither Immune Upgrade – Wither debuff can’t be applyed in you.

Water Breathing Upgrade – You can breath subwater.

Health Regeneration Upgrade – Slowly regens health.


If you have more than one “Ring” equipped, buffs will not work!


Invisibility Upgrade – Gains invisibility.

Night Vision Upgrade – Gives permanent nigh vision.

Haste Upgrade – Fast mining.

Power Upgrade – MORE DAMAGE!!!

Plant Acceleration Upgrade – Increase plants growth speed.

Stuff Repairing Upgrade – Repair your tools and armor.

Magnet Ring:

It pulls items to you. Do you need upgrades here?!

Instantaneous Magnet Ring:

Puts items directly in your inventory.



 Mod spotlights:

English (you definitely should subscribe on his channel it is awesome):




zazpro – Code, Idea

MrGreigZen – Textures

SteamWolf17 – Textures


Special thanks:

Choonster – Cool guy who helps people

LionXYZ – Helped me too

coolAlias – He helps everyone