Better FPS by Guichaguri

BetterFps is a Minecraft mod that changes how Minecraft calculates sine & cosine, giving a performance boost.


Without BetterFpsWith BetterFps

If you have two screenshots comparing with and without, PM me

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  • The algorithm is configurable, with in-game config screen
  • Easy installation: just install Forge and drop it in the mods folder or run the installer for vanilla
  • It’s even useful for servers, since the server needs sine & cosine to generate chunks, calculate entity acceleration, etc


Riven’s, Full, Half Algorithms seems to be the best

Taylor’s and Java Math seems to be much worse than vanilla algorithm

LibGDX’s Algorithm is the same as Riven’s Algorithm with a few changes.

You can either change the algorithm in the config file or in the in-game config GUI (Press F12 while in game)


Installation for Minecraft Forge

Installation for Minecraft Forge

  • Find the game installation folder
  • Drop the mod file in the mods folder

Installation for Minecraft Vanilla

Installation for Minecraft Vanilla

  • Double click the mod file to open the installer
  • Check if the Minecraft folder is correct and Install
  • Open/Restart Minecraft Launcher
  • Create a new profile or edit an existing one
  • Find BetterFps in the version list and select it


You may add this mod to your modpack if I’m credited (Guichaguri) and you link this page.

To Do

  • Rendering improvements
  • Maybe TPS improvements
  • Maybe Forge improvements


  • Optifine: Full
  • Fastcraft: Full
  • FpsPlus+: BetterFps will override FpsPlus sine & cosine improvements

Source Code | MCF Thread


If you have issues with this mod, report here.