Big Trees by thevidaj

This is a fork/continuation of Karob’s BigTrees mod

NOTE: My version is incompatible with the configs from karob’s version! Please delete all previous configs and let them generate at startup.

What’s new:

Version 0.2:

– Updated to 1.8.9 (1.7.10 is kept in sync for now)

– Added flag to disable vanilla tree generation

– Changed world generation method. This should fix phantom chunk errors.


Version 0.1:

– Cleaned up code

– Optimized code to select which trees should generate

– Scrapped the old configuration, added a completely new one which should be more powerful and expressive. Each tree can have a specific number of trees per chunk and percentage chance per tree configured using either specific biome names or Forge BiomeDictionary groups.

– Disabled saplings for the time being.

What’s next:

– Implement saplings again