Birds by silvercatcher

My birds will become part of Animals Plus, try that instead. 😉

This mod will no longer be developed on it’s own.



Vultures are not buggy, they just despawn in peaceful mode, like every other mob.

Breadcrumbs are not broken, most birds only eat them when you throw them on the ground.

Penguins are not broken, they get damaged in warm biomes, unless you reduce the light level.

Those are not bugs, but features! 😉


This mod adds new bird to Minecraft and is based on many Suggestions from the forums.


Development Thread


It includes:



These birds are harmless, but they imitate sounds and can scare you with explosions and monster noises.

But they also can be bred with melon seeds and can be cute pets, since each of them has its own collection of sounds.

(Tip: They have different sounds for living, getting hurt and dying!)


These are useful farm animals in savanna biomes.

They drop feathers, leather and meat, and they can be ridden (you need a saddle, for now, but I may change that in the future)!

They even duck, so you can shoot with bows better!

But they also defend themselves against monsters and players, so do not make them angry.

They rarely drop ostrich eggs, which can be used to breed new ostriches and also let some feathers lying around.

They like bread, wheat and straw and can be healed by feeding them with it.


These birds are dangerous, but as long as you are healthy, they can be scared away easily.

But be cautious when you are weak. They will sense weakness and try to kill you when you least need it!

They do not do much damage, but their dirty beaks can infect you with poison or weakness.

Also, they love to pick up all meat they find and may loot you clean.



These cute little birds live in the cold regions and if you are heartless or hungry enough to kill them, they are a great source of food, since they can drop up to three pieces of wild bird meat. They love fish!



These small little fellows live in forests and sing all day long. You cannot do much with them, but listen and feed them with breadcrumbs.


These birds live on beaches and oceans and might drop fish. They love breadcrumbs and I hope to let them catch fish from the ocean surface.



These little birds spawn in the night in dense biomes and mainly run away. They are shy creatures and try to avoid sunlight, but if you are careful, you can feed them with breadcrumbs or melon seeds or breed them as a food source with any kind of seeds. They sometimes even drop melon pieces.


(the mod includes feather texture variants, but those feathers are treated like normal feathers and when you stack them, you only get the first color on one stack…that’s not a bug, but a simple way to add textures without making recipes complicated)