Blood Arsenal by Arcaratus

Blood Arsenal is a fairly new addon to Blood Magic by WayofTime. The mod currently adds in many useful items such as mundane tools, more bound tools, sigils, rituals, and decor blocks just to name a few. There is however much more planned in the future! To find out more details and content, go visit the Minecraft Forum page here!


Just a few sigils

Lightning Sigil!

Sigil of Augmented Holding!

Some more bound tools


Decor blocks and cake!

The LP Materializer and the Life Infuser!

The LP Materializer condenses the LP in your Soul Network into liquid form at a ratio of 3-2; can then be pumped out or taken out with a bucket.

The Life Infuser takes in liquid LE and uses it to repair tools at the cost of 500 LE per damage point.


The extremely powerful Soul Compacter:
Put underneath a master ritual stone with a ritual or underneath an altar. Right click it with an orb to compact the whole thing into one block! WARNING: May use a bit more LP than you’d think! (Hint! Portable Altars and Compacted Master Ritual Stones!)


Glass Armor and Daggers!



Life Imbued Armor- Use the power of LE to protect and heal yourself while wearing this!


The Transparent Orb! (Dynamic measuring of LP!)


And much, much more! (more information at the forum page here)

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