Bone Torch by darkguardsman


The idea behind this mod is very simple. I was traveling thru the nether and ran out of torches. Having just used my last wood to makes chests I was doomed. Or was I? I noticed I had coal and bones in my inventory from kill wither skeletons. This gave me the idea, “Why can’t I place coal on a bone”. 10 mins later Bone Torches were born from my abomination workshop.



Bone + coal -> 4 torches

Bone + charcoal -> 4 torches


Single Block Mods

This mod is part of the single block mods series which aims at creating simple high quality mods.

Other mods in series

Wooden Rails

Colored Chests

Red Cow Energy Drink

Wooden Bucket



Planned Features

* Chisel support

* Support for other bones

* Support for other things than coal

* World gen in the nether in place of normal torches

* Sub colored version for decoration



Join us on IRC #BuiltBroken #BuiltBrokenModding



 photo Screenshot 2015-08-15 02.26.05_zpsflostlsv.png

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