Brewing Plus by nathan5462

Hello. I have created a mod that adds an improved brewing system brewing system via a special cauldron. Different ingredients add different effects and colors to the cauldron. To heat up the cauldron place a block of lava underneath it. Each lava block will heat the cauldron up by 50 degrees. After 50 degrees, the lava block will vanish and another will have to be placed. Btw, make sure the cauldron doesn’t get above 495 or you will have an explosion on your hands. Feel free to tell me what you think! :)

How the Magic Workbench Works:
The magic workbench is used to create most items in the mod. Items can be arranged shapelessly like a red power alloy furnace for some recipes, or in a shaped manner like the vanilla crafting table. As of version 0.0.6 the alchemically treated cauldron must be created in the magic workbench.

Magic Workbench Crafting Recipe:

Magic Workbench Recipes:

How the Cauldron Works:
When an ingredient is brewed into the cauldron more than once, it can increase the duration or amplifier of the potion. If the same item is brewed into the cauldron over and over, a very powerful potion can be created. Each brewing ingredient requires a different temperature to be brewed into the cauldron. Be careful with how many ingredients you brew into the cauldron, because if you brew in too many negative effects may occur.
Pictures of the cauldron:

Spoiler for rewing Ingredients and their effects:

Slime ball- Jump boost
Blaze powder- fire resistance
Nether wort- strength
Ghast tear- regeneration
Poisonous potato- poison
Magma cream- absorption
Sugar- swiftness
Rotten flesh- hunger
soul sand- slowness
flint- haste
brick- mining fatigue
glistering mellon- Instant health
bone- Instant damage
mushrooms- nausea
Iron ingot- resistance
fish- water breathing
golden carrot- invisibility
pumpkin- blindness
glowstone- night vision
string- weakness