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Requires WTFCore- get it here:

Requires TextureGeneratorLib- Get it here:


This mod is centred around the concept of making underground cave exploration a bit more interesting, by adding a few new blocks like stalactites and stalagmites, and then utilising existing them alongside vanilla blocks along with some vanilla-style blocks to create a more interesting experience. The mod works perfectly fine on its own, however it is designed as a world-gen companion for Underground Biomes Constructs, because I really love that mod. All UBC stone types have corresponding stalactites and stalagmites, and CaveBiomes takes advantage of the different UBC stone types. Furthermore, it works in conjunction with WTF-Tweaks; which encourages cave exploration by making strip-mining more difficult.



This mod has no known incompatibilities currently, and thus far is compatible with all other world gen mods. Caves are found with a world scanning routine that occurs during chunk population, and biomes are selected based on the biome dictionary- so any mod that adds biomes, as long as it registers them properly with forge, should be compatible. Any mod wishing to add its own custom cave types can do so through the API (or will be able to once I release it- if you’re interested in this shoot me a PM).

However, just be aware that adding things to world generation makes it take longer. You will get the occasional lag spike, especially if you’re sprint-flying through a jungle. If you want to run this as part of a large modpack with extensive custom generation, I recommend using a tool to pre-generate the map.

Cave Sub-types:

Dungeon-like sub-types, which generate in small patches. Some of them mimic vanilla dungeons, others contain rare blocks, or interesting things. Some subtypes are general, and can spawn anywhere, others are cave-biome specific, and only spawn in certain biomes or at certain depths.


UBC Specific features:

This adds Mossy and Mossy-Cobblestone versions UBC stones, and a sand-version of UBC sedimentary stones (functioning similar to vanilla sand and sandstone 4 sedimentary sand = 4 Sedimentary stone). There are Lava Crust versions of all igneous and metamorphic stones, in addition to stalactite and stalagmite variants of all UBC stone types.


CaveBiomes Source and API:

The source code can be made available through github upon request. However, until someone requests is, I’m going to spend my time on other things. For anyone interested, adding CaveTypes is fairly easy, requiring that you extend one of my classes, and then register it with my generator through the API. Again, until someone asks me to enable it, I’m going to focus on other things.



Zeno410 for help working with UBC compatibility, and putting up with my stupid questions, and the Minestrappolation team for making their neat mod ElementalCaves- CaveBiomes uses a modified version of their cave finding system, and without their CavesAPI source I never would have been able to figure out how to do this. Also to Diemex, who’s bukkit plugin ExtraHardMode was the inspiration for WTF-Tweaks. Also thanks to CoolAlias, and NealeGaming, who’s tutorials have taught me pretty much everything I know about modding.