Cavern by _kegare




Adds new cave dimensions! (Cavern, Aqua Cavern, and Caveland)

And some blocks, items, and others.


For Minecraft 1.7.10: Caveworld 2



Minecraft Forge and newer

Java 7 and newer



This mod is recommends you to change config settings in the GUI.

  1. Click Mods on the main Minecraft menu and click “Cavern” mod entry in the list.
  2. Click Config and change the this mod config settings.


Cave Portals

  1. Build the portal frame of Moss Stone (4×5 minimum, 23×23 maximum).
  2. Place the Emerald into the portal frame. (for Cavern dimension)
    Place the Aquamarine into the portal frame. (for Aqua Cavern dimension)
    Place the Sapling into the portal frame. (for Caveland dimension)
  3. Walk inside your portal. Stand into the portal frame and wait.
  4. Enjoy the cave dimension!


Mining Point / Miner Rank

Mining points can get when mining ores in the cave dimensions.

Miner rank will promote when the mining points has accumulated.
You can get some benefits according to your miner rank.

For example: If your rank is Aqua Miner or better, even though you are in the water, you can mine with ease.

Mining points and miner rank will display ingame screen corner while you hold a pickaxe.