Client Side Not Needed by tiffit

Client Side Not Needed, or CSNN for short is an API for servers to create custom content for connected clients.
Although this may contradict the name, both the server and client need to have this mod.
What the client does not need though, is any mod that the server has that uses this mod to add content.
Currently, the only content the server can create are GUIs.


For Developers:

To create a GUI, you need to create a new instance of a GuiBuilder

If there is a background, all coordinates are percents of that background.

So, (50, 50) would be in the center. (0, 50) would be at the left middle.

You can disable the percentage system for all GuiElements that you add to the GuiBuilder.

Make sure your mod is server side only in the @Mod().



  • Custom loreboxes (tooltip)
  • Sizable backgrounds
  • Custom buttons
    • Can be made to close the gui when the button is clicked
    • Can have a custom width
  • Custom texts
    • Can be centered
    • Can be colored
  • Custom text fields
    • Linked to buttons
    • Can set default text
  • 2 new events
    • GuiButtonEvent
      • Called whenever a button is pressed
      • Returns any linked gui text fields
      • Returns all information on the button
    • GuiCloseEvent
      • Called whenever the client closes the gui
      • Returns the name of the gui
      • Returns if the gui was closed by a button
  • More to come!

First Party Mods:


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