Compact Storage by tattyseal


  • Builder
  • Chest



  • Backpack


To craft the chests/backpacks you now need to use the builder. You can change the materials the builder requires in the configuration file (config/compactstorage.cfg)


Planned Features

  • Boxes
  • Crates
  • Tanks


Last Update: 2.1-1.8.9-1.0

  • Updated to 1.8.9


You can find images here or click the ‘Images’ tab at the top of the page!



  • You may use this mod in your pack if it is private (needs a code) without permission but if anyone can openly use your pack please message me on Curse with a link to your pack and what launcher it will be used on to obtain permission.
  • You may never use this mod if the user has to pay/go through an adwall to download your pack.
  • I obtain the right to ask you to remove the mod from your pack.