Correlated Potentialistics by Aesen

Correlated Potentialistics is a minimalistic Applied Energistics-like mod for 1.8.9 and 1.9. What this means, is it adds a storage system based around digitizing items, allowing you to store tons of items in a small space that are conveniently accessible, through a single scrollable/searchable GUI.



This mod is intended to be used alongside a mod like JustEnoughItems, as there is no recipe guide.


This mod does NOT include a way to generate RF. You will need another mod like Progressive Automation or BuildCraft to generate RF.


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Quick Primer for people familiar with AE2

  • Storage math is basically identical to AE2.
  • There are no cables, contact is the only way to make a network work.
  • You need a controller. There are no adhoc networks.
  • There’s no Cell Workbench, instead just right-click a drive you’re holding to configure it.
  • Priority is configured per-drive rather than per-drive bay.
  • What AE2 calls a “Drive” I call a “Drive Bay”, what they call a “Cell” I call a “Drive”.
  • Processors are found in dungeon/stronghold/nether fortress/jungle temple chests.

More in-depth explanation

See the wiki.



Yes, go ahead. If you ask, I’ll tell you no since you’re wasting my time. Put it in any modpack, large or small, public or private.
Read the license for more detail. (It’s the LGPLv3.)



You can find me in #unascribed on EsperNet, don’t be afraid to ping me if you need help. You can also make an issue on the GitHub repo, or just leave a comment on this page.