Crafting Tweaks by Blaytheninth

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  • Rotate the outer circle of the crafting matrix (hotkey: R)
  • Balance the materials in the crafting grid (hotkey: B)
  • Clear the crafting grid into your inventory (hotkey: C)
  • Transfer items into the grid by holding the W key while clicking them (Shift+W to transfer all of type)
  • Instantly compress/decompress blocks into their block/ingot forms (hotkey: K)
  • Support for many modded crafting tables (tell me about unsupported ones!)
  • Optional on the client-side. If you add it to your server, only those who want its functionality need to install it on their client.
  • Optional on the server-side. If the server does not have it installed, Crafting Tweaks uses its client-only implementation instead.

Useful Links

Development Versions

Source Code on GitGub

Future Plans & Issues on GitHub

Minecraft Forum Thread

@BlayTheNinth on Twitter

Crafting Tweaks in Action

Supported Crafting Tables (1.8.9)

Supported Crafting Tables (1.7.10)

  • Applied Energistics 2‘s Crafting Terminal and Pattern Terminal
  • Backpacks‘ Workbench Backpack
  • BiblioCraft‘s Fancy Workbench
  • BluePower‘s Project Table
  • Botania‘s Manufactory and Assembly Halo
  • Buildcraft‘s Auto Workbench
  • CraftingCraft‘s Portable Crafting Table, etc.
  • Crafting Slabs
  • Draconic Evolution‘s Draconic Chest
  • Forestry‘s Worktable, Carpenter and Fabricator
  • Gany’s Surface‘s Work Table and Dual Work Tables
  • Just Another Crafting Bench‘s Crafting Table
  • MineFactoryReloaded‘s LiquiCrafter
  • Natura‘s Crafting Table
  • Railcraft‘s Rolling Machine and Workcart
  • RotaryCraft‘s Hand and Pattern Crafting
  • Steve’s Workshop
  • TerraFirmaCraft’s Inventory Crafting
  • Thaumcraft’s Arcane Workbench
  • Thermal Expansion’s Machinist Workbench
  • Tinkers Construct’s Crafting Station
  • Twilight Forest’s Uncrafting Table
  • Vanilla‘s Crafting Table

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and install the recommended Minecraft Forge for your Minecraft version.
  2. Download the latest Crafting Tweaks version for your Minecraft version.
  3. Put the .jar file into the mods folder of your Minecraft installation.
  4. Start the game and open up a crafting window to see cool and useful buttons on the left (or use the keys R, B or C)



This mod along with it’s sourcecode is licensed under the MIT License:

Yes, you may redistribute it in your modpack.