Custom Drones by WillEze

There are 46,913,768,005,632 different drone combinations you can create! 


Minecraft technology has been around for some time now! But never has the need for moving materials and entities over long distances and large mountains been solved like it has in the Drones Mod. Now you can have a flying buddy that can follow you over lava, through water falls, and down into the deep dark. Your buddy can attack, carry and so much more.

Do you need a drone? (hint: you know you do!)

  • Are companions with 2 legs and 2 arms too boring?
  • Are you sick of having just 36 inventory slots, but TOO MANY ITEMS TO CARRY?
  • Are you tired of not knowing if there are monsters around you when you are digging for ’em diamonds?
  • Do you want to have A FLYING ROBOT COMPANION THAT CAN SHOOT lasers!

Then you need a Custom Drone!


  • Fully functioning drones to aid players with all kinds of stuffs
    • collecting dropped items
    • carrying items around like a flying backpack
    • shooting at monsters
    • scanning the environment for ores and monsters
    • picking up mobs or even picking up yourself and fly around
Just for fun you should start a race with your fellow friends to see who can fly a drone better and faster?
A drone hauling it’s player around!
My drone picking me up and flying me


Video Review


My drone following me when I’m flying (it’s that green smudge that appears on top of the sand dune)
My drone shooting down a bad spider
A drone shooting down a bad spider
My drone picking up a cow
A drone picking up a cow
My drone bringing such cow up high
A drone hauling a cow up high


Getting the necessary materials

Find the babies

Baby drone
Find a baby drone
Drone bits
Kill it! Kill them babies until you get a bunch of drone bits!

Have fun killing babies you baby killer! You will need 15 to 16 bits to get started.

Mine other stuffs

Beside drone bits you’ll also need:

  • 1 blaze powder
  • 21 redstone
  • 28 diamonds
  • 84 iron ingots

All for making the first drone!

Making your first drone

Make the plates

Once you have enough material said above, let’s start making your drone part by part. First item, the base for all the parts: the Composite Fiber Plate MK.I (MK.? is the rank of the item) 54 plates will suffice for making the drone.

Plate mkI

Make the parts

After the plates, you need to craft 1 drone chip, 1 drone core, 3 drone casings, and 4 drone engines





And finally, you can craft your drone


Right click the drone item on the ground to spawn your drone.

Making a module

Drones can do nothing by themselves (beside looking cool!). They need modules, the things that give drones functions.

Module place holder

To make a functional module, you first craft a module place holder.

Module Place Holder 1

Module Place Holder 2

Module Place Holder 3

Module Place Holder 4

Craft modules

Everything from drone parts to drone modules have 4 tiers (I, II, III, and IV). Better modules are of higher tier.
With those place holders, craft the modules you want. For starters I recommend always having Items Inventory module and Manual Control movement module installed.

Craft modules from the list here

Installing a module

There are 2 ways to install modules. The easy way: right-click the drone with a module in your hand. The hard way: you need a controller. Read further. Module install

Controlling your drone

All those earlier steps are just preparing for your drone. Now here comes the fun part

Make the controller

To control your drone you need a Drone Flyer (or just call it a controller) Flyer

Connect with the drone

Right click your newly made drone with the controller. And the controller will connect with the drone. Connect

Open the controller screen

You have connected a controller to a drone. Now right-click the controller, and you’ll see the controller screen Controller screen

Switch it on!

Make sure you have installed Manual Control movement module i said before. Then press “Switch mode” once, and then “Switch drone mode” twice. Now the controller mode is “targeting” and drone mode is “manual control”. Controller on

Fly, birdie, fly!!!

Exit the screen, look around, and see the drone following your cross-hair!!! Fly drone

Stop flying!

To stop controlling drone, either press the switch buttons again, or don’t hold the controller in your hand anymore.

Read Drone controlling to understand more about the controller and controlling drones

Healing your drone

You’ve flown the drone for a while, now it’s about to run out of battery. Or maybe you let some crazy guys hit your drone repeatedly, and it is about to run out of health. Now you need to refill battery or recover health for your drone.

Open the drone screen

To do that you need to open your drone screen. Either right-click your drone with an empty hand, or sneak-right click to open drone screen.

Apply the item

So many parameters there, but for now focus on the item slot at the middle. Put the recovering items there and press “Apply item”Apply item

You can also leave the item in the drone’s inventory, the drone will consume items automatically when almost out of battery and health.

Read the list of Recovering items here.

You can also install modules by placing them into that item slot and press “Install module” (button name changes depending on item placed in slot) which is the harder way.

Now make better drones, install better modules, and be more awesome!