Ebon Arts by Viesis

This mod adds new ores to discover, different blocks to build with, achievements to conquer, and new tools/weapons/armor to use. This mod also has detailed configs to enable or disable the horse armor/saddle part, the music disc creation part, etc. I created a wiki to help people get the most out of my mod. I will do my best to keep it updated as the mod evolves.


Some Blocks and Items.


For more detailed info on the below information, please visit the main site:



Please remember, when using any mod, to back up your worlds! Say no to lost world saves.


Note for Modpack Creators

Everyone is free to use this mod in any modpack they want. I only ask that you give me credit (Viesis), don’t make money off of it (keeping it free), and have a link back to this site (if you can). Otherwise, have fun with it!


For all mod information, please visit:



Mod Future


Things that still need to be updated for the 1.9 version:


– Music Disc Records- Forge issue with SoundEvents.

– Achievements – May be working now, just no connecting lines.

– Chest hooks- Forge issue with ChestGenHooks.