Ender Crack by MCE626 & crazyguy15052

EnderCrack was a mod I made that was inspired from the enderman of the minecraft snapshots for 1.8.

You can craft endstone into ender crack then “eat it”, or snort it, and it will give you many status buffs.

Check out the wiki on here to see crafting recipes and the buffs the item gives you. There isn’t all that much to this mod, and I made it a long time ago, and decided to update it to 1.7.10 and release it. I can also upload the source on github if you guys really want me to..

This mod is for 1.7.10, 1.8.9 and 1.9 minecraft versions.

Spoiler for odpacks and reviews:

YES you can add this mod to a modpack.

YES you can make a mod review of this mod. If you really want to.

If you are having issues or you somehow found a bug, please use the issue tracker on here, and explain what happened. It should work for multiplayer and singleplayer.