Everything Blocks by sblectric

Ever wanted to make blocks of something, but found that you couldn’t? Enchanted books or potions clogging up your chests? Look no further, as Everything Blocks lets you make blocks out of any item except other blocks (for now). All mods are supported, not just Vanilla stuff. You can even make slabs from the blocks. Everything Blocks has WAILA integration, too! Note that the block recipes will not override existing block recipes or recipes where the item is crafted 2×2 or 3×3 to make something by default.

This mod includes a simple API for modders who wish to modify the interaction of their mod’s items or even vanilla items with Everything Blocks.


Everything Blocks is now open-source! Check out the github here.


Here’s some of what you can do:

Make blocks out of regular items:


Make blocks out of enchanted books:


Make blocks from potions:


Make spawn egg blocks:


And when you’re all done with it, simply decraft the block like so:


Here are some blocks placed in the world:


Slabs and Stairs, oh my!


Crafting them is easy: