Evil Craft by kroeser & immortaleeb


For the versions using Minecraft 1.8, this requires the Cyclops Core library!


Additional info: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2403603-164forge-evilcraft-open-source/

EvilCraft is a magic/technical mod that is based on somewhat evil things. Throughout the game you will discover an ancient source of evil. These powers can be used in various technological advancements to initiate a second age of evilness.

If you have suggestions how we could improve our mod or any additions
you might want to see in the future, they can also be posted on our issue tracker.
Furthermore this mod is an open-source mod, so if you want to contribute you can find us onhttps://github.com/rubensworks/EvilCraft. You can also contact kroeser directly onhttps://twitter.com/kroesermc.


Getting Started
To get started with this mod you will need to mine at least one Dark Ore with an Iron Pickaxe or higher to obtain a Dark Gem. You will also need a regular Book, it will soon contain all the information about this mod.

1. Craft a Darkened Apple

2. Find a meaningless animal

3. Feed it the Darkened Apple and watch it die

4. Quickly throw the Book into the resulting anomaly

5. Feast on the knowledge, and animal leftovers



Public Domain